Toni Natalie was the woman in the green sash. The Chosen One. She was supposed to give Keith Raniere a child named Alyx, but broke his heart instead. She was a suppressive, a parasite, a cautionary tale for anyone who might dare challenge NXIVM.

No one wanted to become the next Toni Natalie.

Long before the human branding, alleged sex trafficking, and celebrity of Smallville‘s Allison Mack brought the media’s attention to bear, Toni was a lone voice. She knew firsthand just how dangerous Keith Raniere and his cult could be. But there were few people who would listen to her and even fewer who would believe her.

Her story was hard to believe: that she was the victim of an international conspiracy funded Clare and Sara Bronfman, heiresses to the Seagram liquor fortune, to advance the agenda of a madman.

Now, it’s hard to not believe.

The Fall is the multimedia memoir of Toni Natalie. With a book, podcast, and website, Toni and Chet Hardin will provide an in-depth historical record of Keith Raniere and his international cult, NXIVM.

But this story will not live in the past. NXIVM’s abuse of the legal system could not have lasted for two decades without the complicity of powerful allies. There are still plenty of debts to be paid.  We will name these names and work to expose their collaboration.

The Fall will be an exercise of in-the-moment journalism and a testament to those who stood up and fought when no one else would.